Are CBD Eyedrops Safe?

Are CBD Oil Eyedrops Safe?

Many ocular tissues associated with eye functionality contain cannabinoid receptors. Since cannabinoid receptors are also in the brain, (where we interpret visual images), some people started turning to CBD to support their eye health. Developing CBD eye drops was a natural progression in the ever-growing hemp market but the...

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organic cbd

Organic CBD: Everything You Need to Know

The CBD market is booming and there is a wide variety of products for consumers to choose from. You might’ve noticed that finding CBD products that claim to be organic is easy enough. Have you ever noticed, though, that finding CBD products that contain the official USDA organic seal...

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CBD Shampoo

What is CBD Shampoo?

What is CBD Shampoo? Adding plant botanicals to shampoo is nothing new, and one of the most effective additions to this shower-time staple is hemp extract. CBD oil is rich in amino acids that can serve as a building block for strong hair follicles, and the cannabinoids in CBD...

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CBD Jelly Beans

Top CBD Jelly Beans

Top CBD Jelly Beans CBD jelly beans and gummies are a fun (and yummy) way to try CBD. Whether you’re new to using CBD or looking to switch up your regular CBD routine, CBD jelly beans and gummies are excellent options across the spectrum. Here are some of the...

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